In Loving Memory of Margot Mary Duncan

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I sit here with a cup of tea, looking at a blank screen, trying to find the words.

If you will permit me to be self indulgent, I would like to thank you, my beautiful customers and followers of Six and Co, and explain to you why I have been a little quiet on the making and communication front.

Just over a month ago my very beautiful, very funny, brilliantly clever niece died. She was only a tender 12 years old. Her name was Margot Mary Duncan. She was so very loved by so many people and she has left a terrible, un-fillable space in our family, particularly in the hearts of her lovely mother, father and sister.

I don’t want Margot to be forgotten. That is why I write to you to share with you and to let you know that Margot’s intelligence, grace, super human emotional strength and pure individuality has touched and inspired so many people.

For my part, her impact is immeasurable. I will not bore you with all the life lessons I have learnt and will continue to learn from Margot (unless you want to sit down with a pot of tea with me and I’ll bore you silly with just how brilliant and special she is!). As this is a website for Six and Co, I do want to share with you how she has influenced the direction of Six and Co. When I was lost, her inspiration was profound.

After Margot was diagnosed with brain cancer in July last year, I took a step back from Six and Co so that I was available to help Margot and her family. I kept the business ticking over but could only do the minimum Six and Co needed. In doing this I also started to question what it was all about and what I was actually doing and making. After much soul searching and questioning I realised that like Margot, I needed to be uncompromising in striving for what I really believed in and to be true to myself.

I started to experiment with new techniques. I taught myself new skills so that I could start creating the ideas I had inside me. To get to this point there had been months of trial and error…so many beautiful errors that taught me so much.

In December last year I did a quiet launch of the new direction pieces I had been making. I took my  new trays and plates and dishes and earrings and paintings to the beautiful Handmade Market Canberra. 

Based on the incredible response I got from the lovely Handmade Market customers, I knew that Margot’s inspiration was perfect.

Heartbreakingly, sweet Margot’s condition worsened and after a truly inspiring battle, she died on 21 February 2017.

Since this time I have not been able to get myself to work for both time and emotional reasons.

But I am writing now because I don’t want to lose the new ideas in all my sadness. I want to get busy again and see if I can honour Margot by living and creating the best life and most authentic pieces I can. For her.

There will be some changes for Six and Co. It will take me a little while to get them all worked out. But I hope you like the new direction and I hope you might come along for the ride.