About the Jewellery
Six and Co necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made from beautiful handmade resin beads. We also work with wooden and porcelain beads. We use the best quality materials we can source. All our jewellery is made with materials such as sterling silver, dyed cotton cord, European jewellery elastic, and milliners elastic.

Each Six and Co piece is hand strung, knotted and finished. The charm of a handmade piece comes from the slight variations that result from the work of an individual. This may lead to variations in finish, colour and fabrication. We value this quality and enjoy the slight variations in each piece we produce.

Caring for Your Six and Co Piece
After much wear a resin piece can benefit from a little love and care to return it to its original lustre and shine. To achieve this, simply rub a tiny amount of a natural oil or moisturiser on a dry cloth and gently polish the beads. Take care to avoid the cord and your piece will last even longer.

Resin in a very hardy material and you have to try pretty hard to damage it. Resin can be damaged if it hits a hard surface.

If you have been wearing a Six and Co piece for some time, there may come a time when you will need it re-strung. If that happens, please contact us and we can discuss re-stringing with you.

Six and Co aims to create a range of gorgeous, wearable styles for every woman with the simple ideal of finding what makes you feel lovely. The variations in style and colour are seemingly endless.

We design each bead shape and each jewellery piece ourselves. All our jewellery is handmade to our specific designs.

Who is Six and Co?
Six and Co was established as Six in a Row in 2009. In 2014 we changed our name to Six and Co.

The business is owned by Susannah (Zanny) Zweep and is proudly a small, handmade enterprise that values creating beautiful, handcrafted jewellery. 

Susannah designs each bead shape and each piece of jewellery. She is guided by the aim of creating beautiful things that make people feel special every day.

Always drawn to a creative life, Susannah led a split existence for many years, balancing work in corporate and professional services while filling her spare time playing with drawing, painting and designing. The establishment of Six and Co came at a time came when the desire to create could no longer be ignored.

The experience gained in both Susannah’s creative and professional life prior to Six and Co has shaped her design aesthetic and approach to business.